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Siri thinks Donald Trump is a penis – The Verge

I’m not even American, but I just spat out a turkey dinner. Apple’s Siri digital assistant thinks that President Donald Trump is a penis. If you use an iPhone to ask Siri how old Donald Trump is, you’ll be greeted with a picture of a penis instead of

Jane Seymour still feels ‘sexy’ in her 60s

23 March 2019 Jane Seymour still feels "sexy" in her 60s. Jane Seymour The 68-year-old actress is happy to "fly the flag" for older women and has embraced the signs of ageing, rather than undergoing treatment to hide her wrinkles. She said: "I still feel sexy. I don't do Botox and I'm happy

Late Night

Sean Penn made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in Hollywood. Source link For some great staff click here  

Barbra Streisand Sparks Outrage Over Michael Jackson Comments

Barbra Streisand is taking heat after speaking out on the sexual abuse allegations made against Michael Jackson in HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary. Hollywood Sexual Misconduct Scandals The A Star Is Born actress, 76, addressed the two-part film, which premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival, while speaking to the Times’ Evening

Michelle Pfeiffer Recovers Her Catwoman Whip 27 Years After Batman Returns

Meow!Michelle Pfeiffer recently reunited with a beloved prop-turned-set souvenir: the whip she cracked while playing Catwoman / Selena Kyle in the 1992 movie Batman Returns."Look what I found," the 60-year-old actress said on her Instagram page on Friday, alongside a video. "Needs a little TLC."In Tim Burton's Batman Returns, Michael Keaton played Batman / Bruce Wayne,

Owen and Teddy Get Closer

Another love triangle? Owen (Kevin McKidd) might be single, but Teddy (Kim Raver) is getting closer to the end of her pregnancy on the Thursday, March 21, episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and that could all change — but not if Koracick (Greg Germann) has anything to say about it. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’