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Tessa Thompson bemoans ‘stereotypical girlfriend roles’

Tessa Thompson thinks it’s “important” she doesn’t play the stereotypical girlfriend in ‘Creed II’.

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson

The 35-year-old actress – who stars as Bianca Taylor in the money-spinning movie franchise – has revealed she was determined to see her character “buck convention”.

Tessa – whose plays Adonis Creed’s on-screen love interest – said: “It was important to me, from the first film, Ryan Coogler (writer and director of the first ‘Creed’ movie) and I had so many conversations about that, and we really wanted to try to buck convention in that space.”

Tessa admitted to finding the typical portrayal of female love interests to be “obnoxious”.

She told JOE: “So often women are tasked with – not just in boxing movies, but just in movies in general – I won’t say which, but I was watching a film last night on the plane and I was just like … man, women! We just show up in movies to function to support the male character in ways. Like, we die for them, we live for them, it’s just obnoxious actually!

“We wanted to do something different with [Bianca], so we tried to do that.”

Meanwhile, Tessa recently claimed that it’s easy to overlook the “scope” of ‘Creed II’.

The Hollywood star conceded it was difficult to track the scale of the movie during the filming process.

She shared: “It’s funny because for us, we’re making these films called ‘Creed I’ and ‘Creed II’, it’s easy to forget somehow that we’re making, essentially, ‘Rocky’ films. Films that exist inside of the ‘Rocky’ universe.

“And then there’ll be moments on set, almost always when we’re shooting a boxing scene, where we’ll have like a thousand extras and that’s the time where the scope hits you.”

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